Inviting comfortable classrooms with spaces for active play and quiet activities

Outdoor spaceWe have three classrooms serving 35 children:

  • Toddlers (two and young threes) 10 children to 2 teachers
  • Early PreK (older threes and young fours) 7 children to 1 teacher – classroom connected with a door to toddler room for easy access to assistance if needed.
  • PreK (older fours and fives) 10 children to 1 teacher

Two beautiful outdoor play spaces

  • Natural Playscape – lots of green space to run and play, sidewalks for riding toys, child-sized hammock for relaxation, large sandbox, child sized picnic tables for conversation and snacks and a raised wood platform for creative play.
  • Playground – green space for group games, sidewalks for sidewalk chalk, sandbox, and a large climber designed for ages 2 through 6.