Early Preschool Classroom

  • Ages: 3 – 4

  • Teacher: Ms. Kelsey

  • Ratio: 1 to 7

The Early Explorer classroom is designed to be cheerful and engaging. This classroom provides areas for children to be curious, energetic, and eager learners. The areas include; blocks, art, science and math, books, manipulatives, and dramatic play. Children learn through intentional play experiences, group learning games, and small group activities.

The early preschool class attends Chapel services and joins the case workers in resident activities twice a week. This group also participates in TNT mobile fitness and Music class with Ms. Anne every other week.

The Learn Every Day curriculum we use is designed to prepare your child for the day they go to kindergarten. In addition to Learn Every Day we use Teaching Strategies Gold assessments to ensure that your child is being met where they are at and to support them as they move to the next developmental level.


In addition to daily interactions with your child’s teacher, we use an app called Brightwheel. It allows teachers to share daily updates, photos, and anecdotes with parents in real time. It also has a messaging feature for parents to let teachers know if their child will be late or absent.